Jake Ring to Emphasize Why Today’s Data Centers Need to Increase Density and Efficiency

Atlanta, GA — May 1, 2019 — GIGA Data Centers, LLC (GIGA), a new breed of data center provider creating affordable, hyper-scale performing facilities with unprecedented energy efficiency, announced today that company CEO, Jake Ring and Business Development Executive-Wholesale, Michael Shaw, have been selected to address attendees of CAPRE’s second annual Carolinas Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Summit. To be held on May 14th at the Omni Charlotte Hotel, Charlotte, NC, Mr. Ring will discuss how debt/equity return requirements have changed, why capital investments and flows are affecting valuations, the evolution of the Carolinas market and data center regional development and site selection. Mr. Shaw will discuss 5G implementation, its North American rollout & impact on data centers, and the challenges and obstacles for the industry’s next major milestone.

CAPRE is the organizer of the longest-running regional data center conference series in North America. Titled, “Carolinas Data Center Market 360: An Overview of Capital Raising, Regional Development and Site Selection Advantages,” Mr. Ring will join a panel of industry executives from 9:20 to 10:20 a.m., as they highlight rents, revenues, margins and the need for cost reduction, among many important financial considerations within the Carolinas’ data center market. Mr. Shaw will join a panel of industry experts from 11:30 a.m. to Noon, where they will discuss the role of data centers in the 5G rollout, how it will affect the industry, and what data centers and their customers can expect from this new technology.

According to Datacenters.com, there are currently 15 providers and 32 data centers in North Carolina. This includes 30 colocation facilities and 23 cloud nodes. South Carolina has 3 providers and 7 data centers. This includes 7 colocation facilities and 6 cloud nodes. By offering the flexibility to support up to 50kW per rack/cabinet yet still deliver a Power Use Efficiency (PUE) rating of 1.15, and a planned 60MW of capacity at below 5₵ per kWhr, GIGA’s new Mooresville, NC data center stands as the ideal next-generation colocation data center within the region. View how data centers can be built quickly, without the need for a chilled water system, CRAC/CRAH units, or raised floor here: https://bit.ly/2HFYtwz.

“The Carolinas region holds tremendous growth potential for new data center demand,” Mr. Ring said. “However, as this market continues to expand, we need to build more efficient facilities that offer a better value for colocation through better flexibility in server rack power density and greater efficiency. I am honored to be selected by CAPRE to address these important issues.”

To speak with Jake Ring and Michael Shaw at the CAPRE event, please contact Betsey Rogers at betsey@bridgeviewmarketing.com. For more information on GIGA Data Centers, please visit the company’s resource page at www.gigadatacenters.com/resources/.

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About GIGA Data Centers

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, GIGA Data Centers (GIGA) takes a modern approach to building & operating data centers with innovative, modular technology that is proven to be more efficient than the decades-old tradition of facilities with raised floors as well as over-provisioned cooling and power systems. GIGA is motivated by the belief that all companies seeking data center colocation should have access to greater efficiency and flexibility at a reasonable price. The result is a guaranteed PUE of 1.15, up to 50kW per rack-cabinet, and an immensely scalable design delivered at very competitive rates.

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