Our channel partner program is perfect for:

  • Managed Service Providers & Cloud Service Providers, Managed IT Service Providers, Telcos, IT Consultants, or technology resellers looking to move to an MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) business model.
  • Master Agents and Telco Brokers looking to supplement their portfolio to a higher margin market.
  • Any company involved in the IT buying process whose clients are asking for a Cloud or Hosted solution.

Silver Referral Partners

Silver Referral Partners refer interested prospects to GIGA, and our highly-trained Account Executives collaborate with you to drive the opportunity to close. We do all the work with the client’s satisfaction and your reputation in mind.

Silver Partners simply recognize colocation/hosting opportunities and refer them to our team to pursue. Earn a generous compensation from the revenue paid from referred customers — just for sending us a quick note.

When your team submits a lead via our easy-to-use online form, our system logs the lead and notifies the team. The Partner Program system then automatically notifies a GIGA sales team member that a pending Lead is in the system. Before they do anything else, they will reach out to the Partner contact immediately to review the opportunity and discuss the next course of action. Then, we do the rest, freeing your team up to continue doing what they do best.

Throughout the sales cycle, GIGA team members keep your team informed about the opportunity and are available at any time for presentations, questions, comments, concerns or recommendations.

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Gold Referral Partners

The Gold Agent Program is open to companies that package or resell enterprise services and wish to deliver a solution with GIGA services to their customer through a managed service agreement covering service over a period of time. Sometimes agents are already employed by one of our existing customers. In these instances and in close collaboration with you, we would communicate with your employer and take great care to ensure that no conflicts arise between your current employment and this extension of our interest. In other cases, the Gold Agent is an independent reseller who has their own business and sells a line of services.

Gold Agent Partners act as an extension of GIGA’s sales team, identifying leads and working them through to customer agreement. Partners register opportunities with GIGA, the GIGA sales team works the deal jointly to closed-won status, and Gold Partners receive generous recurring compensation on deal closure. The deal is signed directly with GIGA and GIGA reports to the Partner on a regular basis on the growth and satisfaction level of the client.

Gold Referral Partners have already made a bet on Colocation, Hosting & Cloud and know how to market these technologies to their customers. Unlike our Silver Referral Level, Gold Agent Partners actively participate with our teams, defining joint go-to-market activities, marketing programs, and revenue targets.

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