GIGA supports customers representing a wide array of industries, some highly specialized. Whatever your field, it is our commitment to provide flexible, scalable data center solutions that enable your success.


Edge Services & Content Distribution

We are building our data center footprint within major metropolitan cities, enabling local businesses access to hyperscale-grade infrastructure in their area and enterprises local presence nearer to the “edge” where their customers access their services.

data center for gaming

Gaming: Our infrastructure, your game. Play to win.

With years of experience developing the highest performance infrastructure, the GIGA team has tailored our product offerings to meet the unique needs of the online gaming industry, including rapid scalability and consistent reliability under the most intense traffic loads.

data center for healthcare

Healthcare: Dedicated to keeping your data safe and sound.

Today’s HIPAA requirements are complex and technically challenging. You need to protect your patients’ health data and manage the compliance risk associated with potential breaches. GIGA helps healthcare providers’ keep their privacy promises while delivering efficient and secure solutions.

ecommerce hosting

eCommerce: Don’t just run your online business. Supercharge it.

It’s not easy to execute a successful eCommerce strategy. Slow websites, unreliable infrastructure, and security vulnerabilities undermine the most promising online ventures. GIGA gives you the ecommerce expertise deliver a high-performing website, meet seasonal traffic demand, and keep up with compliance requirements so customers keep coming back.


Content Delivery

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