GIGA Data Centers CEO Shares News on I Love Data Centers Podcast

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GIGA’s CEO Shows How To Deliver Hyperscale Performance to the Multi-Tenant Colocation Market

Atlanta, GA — February 21, 2020 — Jake Ring, the CEO of GIGA Data Centers, LLC (GIGA), the first North American data center to be named OCP-Ready™, spent time with Sean Patrick Tario on the I LOVE DATA CENTERS Podcast, talking shop and geeking out about the technology GIGA has implemented and lessons learned watching said technology evolve to where it is today. Listen to the podcast here on Open Spectrum or wherever you download podcasts.

Ring said that, “In order to ensure data center facility growth is capable of meeting all of the predictions, future data center retrofits and new builds must be low cost, high efficiency and able to support higher rack power densities for hyper-converged and HPC systems. And most importantly, these new facilities must be deployed quickly and able to scale! That’s not just what hyperscale providers need, its what everyone needs, and why we say we bring hyperscale-level performance to everyone through our colocation facilities.”

GIGA is helping companies that rely on their IT systems and private-cloud use by providing enclosures in their facilities that deliver a private, secure suite for the client’s equipment where customers receive “unlimited” rack-power flexibility, high efficiency, and scalable capacity at a lower cost when compared to traditional raised-floor data centers. Using the company’s 7th generation WindChill™ Modular Enclosure to provide hot & cold aisle isolation and their proprietary passive cooling system, GIGA can support rack-power densities from 4kW up to 50kW and still deliver a true industry-leading PUE of 1.15 or better. This better efficiency translates into lower monthly colocation expense, yet with higher reliability.

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About GIGA Data Centers

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, GIGA Data Centers (GIGA), takes a modern approach to building data centers with innovative, modular technology that is proven to be more efficient than the decades-old tradition of facilities with raised floors and over-provisioned cooling and power systems. GIGA believes that all companies seeking data center services should have access to greater efficiency and flexibility at a reasonable price. The result is a guaranteed PUE of 1.15, up to 50kW per rack-cabinet, and an immensely scalable design delivered at very competitive rates.

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