Data Center Solutions

We deliver data center solutions that adhere to four core principles


By supporting up to 50kW per rack, we enable your organization to dynamically scale within the same footprint without needing to add space.


Our modular data center technology allows us to reduce energy consumption and guarantee a 1.15 PUE.


Instead of waiting months or years for a new raised floor environment, we can rapidly deploy our WindChill modular data center technology to meet your deployment needs.


Basically a box within box, our hardened modular data center enclosure provides an additional layer of physical protection for your mission-critical IT assets.

We have the experience and technology to deliver data center solutions that will allow you to reduce cost and improve business performance.

Financial Services

Reduce operational risk and data center cost with GIGA's Data Centers' modular data center technology, which has already saved the Department of Energy's National Technology Energy Labs over $3.2 million in energy costs over the last 7 years.


Engineered to be HIPAA-compliant, GIGA Data Centers' modular data center enclosure provides an additional layer of physical security so you can rest assured your customers' personally identifiable information will be protected and safe.

High Performance Computing

Engineered to support high-density applications, GIGA Data Centers' WindChill modular data center technology delivers hyper-scale performance and can scale from 5-50kW per rack.

Managed Service Providers

Provide value-added benefits to your customers by utilizing GIGA Data Centers' data center services and pre-fabricated modular data center infrastructure.

OCP-ReadyTM Colocation

As the only OCP-Ready data center in North America, GIGA Data Centers is uniquely qualified to support organizations that require greater flexibility, higher rack densities and lower costs.


By combining our WindchillTM modular data center technology with our team’s decades of expertise deploying data centers in some of the most demanding environments we have the resources to help you build the capacity you need anywhere you need it.

High-Density Colocation

Capable of supporting up to 50kW per rack, our WindChillTM modular data center technology enables you to scale your operation in a smaller footprint – and for less cost- than a traditional raised floor environment.