Traditional raised-floor data centers simply aren’t designed to support today’s business IT systems. You should be free to completely populate every rack you have, but raised-floor facilities have design limits for how much power you can use per cabinet. Rather than fill your cabinet they make you break it up over several, and that will cost you extra for unused racks and surplus equipment. Fortunately, you don’t have to let their technology shortcomings be your problem.

A Refreshing Approach to Colocation

GIGA applies our WindChill™ modular system to a new generation of colocation data centers. We can easily support a full cabinet of High Performance Compute or Hyper-converged systems by providing up to 50kW of power per cabinet, and still deliver industry-leading efficiency. Colocation in our data centers allows you to maximize your IT infrastructure and reduce your TCO, all under the support of our Service Level Agreement (SLA) for 100% uptime and reliability.

Only Pay for the Power You Need

Some colo providers will advise you to use the max power rating on your equipment, whether you need it or not. Our System Engineers will help you evaluate your requirements to provide you the power & cooling you need, and not pay extra.

Our modular dynamic cooling and electrical systems adapt to provide high power densities of 30-50kW per rack cabinet, supporting the widest range of compute and storage densities and without the need for liquid-cooling. Our hot and cold aisle isolation lets us guarantee a true Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.15 or less (that’s 80% better than standard colo facilities), resulting in higher overall efficiency and lower cost to you.

Designed for Hyper-Converged and HPC, ‘No Limits’

Maybe you’re considering Hadoop, Cassandra or another HPC configuration. Maybe you’re considering hyper-converged systems from Nutanix, Dell, HPE or Pivot3, for their easy interface and quick deployment. If you’re considering a raised-floor data center, think again, as their design constraint may keep you from deploying more than three appliances per rack. That amounts to using 6U in a 52U rack, leaving a lot of empty space, especially if you expect to grow beyond that first rack. GIGA can support the power & cooling needs for a cabinet filled to the brim with hyper-converged appliances, so your cost will only increase as you use more power. That’s our ‘No Limits” philosophy.

On-Demand Provisioning to Scale Faster

  • Our WindChill™ modular system is incrementally scalable which allows you to deploy what you need, when you need it, and modify as your needs change. We pre-fabricate components and assemble on-site for easy, fast and efficient deployment so you can scale vertically or horizontally and support 2-50kW per cabinet within the same enclosure row.
  • GIGA data centers are Tier 3-compliant starting with N+1 redundancy for power and cooling, with proactive monitoring of all equipment and power metering. Dual path (A & B) power busses are concurrently maintainable for greater resiliency, so can easily be modified for 2N requirements.
  • Our dynamic cooling responds to your IT requirements automatically, cooling the electrical load as it varies.
    Modular enclosures provide flexibility in spacing as well as power densities up to 50kW per rack cabinet without stranding capacity.
    GIGA Remote Hands services are provided by our 24×7 on-site technicians for the tasks you need performed.

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