Infrastructure Design

GIGA applies our modular approach to a new generation of data centers. We can easily support a full cabinet of High Performance Compute or Hyper-converged systems by providing up to 50kW of power per cabinet, and still deliver industry-leading efficiency. Colocation in our data centers allows you to maximize your IT infrastructure and reduce your TCO, all under the support of our Service Level Agreement (SLA) for 100% uptime and reliability.
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Bandwidth & Connectivity

GIGA is carrier agnostic: we offer access to all major MPLS carriers and networks so you can select what works best for your business. Whether you have a current contract or want to choose from a broad selection of carriers, we made it easy to connect, especially to the cloud providers of your choice.
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Remote Hands Service

Our modular system is incrementally scalable which allows you to deploy what you need, when you need it, and modify as your needs change. We pre-fabricate components and assemble on-site for easy, fast and efficient deployment so you can scale vertically or horizontally and support 2-50kW per cabinet within the same enclosure row.

  • GIGA data centers are Tier 3-compliant starting with N+1 redundancy for power and cooling, with proactive monitoring of all equipment and power metering. Dual path (A & B) power busses are concurrently maintainable for greater resiliency, so can easily be modified for 2N requirements.
  • Our dynamic cooling responds to your IT requirements automatically, cooling the electrical load as it varies.
  • Modular enclosures provide flexibility in spacing as well as power densities up to 50kW per rack cabinet without stranding capacity.
    GIGA Remote Hands services are provided by our 24×7 on-site technicians for the tasks you need performed.

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