With years of experience developing the highest performance infrastructure at the world’s leading hyperscale companies, the GIGA team has created management practices and monitoring systems that have ensured the uptime availability for companies worth hundreds of billions of dollars. We protect your equipment with the same fervor!

Our AI-driven management system regularly checks the status of your power, cooling, network performance and security. Any change of their operating mode triggering a needed response will proactively alert our operators. Proactive monitoring ensures that we have 100% visibility to prevent downtime.

Preventative Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance program is designed to support resilience and maintain our 100% uptime availability. Our dynamic cooling systems were designed to provide highly-efficient adiabatic cooling with supply-side economization. As a result our scheduled maintenance is minimal as we don’t use pumps, refrigerant or other components that increase the complexity of a traditional chiller plant.
Our power architecture utilizes high-efficiency UPS systems and a combination of diesel and natural gas driven backup generators. Our scheduled maintenance includes:

  • Load Transfer testing
  • Full Load Generator testing
  • Diesel fuel maintenance and Filter maintenance
  • Short Circuit and Branch Circuit Monitoring testing
  • Thermal Imaging of Infrastructure
  • Alarm Cycle testing & maintenance

Physical Security

Staffed on-site 7x24x365, our data center facility is located behind three-factor authentication access control systems. Our modular enclosures utilize a “data center in a box” format, providing greater security protection for your equipment.

Three-factor Authentication with key-card swipes and biometric controls are required to access the building, data center floor, and enclosures. Even your individual rack can be isolated securely within the enclosure for the ultimate in security and without the cost of cages. Finally, security cameras throughout record multiple points within the facility to provide a historical audit trail of entry.

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