Supremely Scalable, Highly Flexible, Totally Reliable

GIGA supports customers representing a wide array of industries, some highly specialized. Whatever your field, it is our commitment to provide flexible, scalable data center solutions that enable your success.

Continuity Protection

With years of experience developing the highest performance infrastructure at the world’s leading hyperscale companies, the GIGA team has created management & monitoring systems and practices that have ensured the uptime availability for companies worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Our AI-driven management system regularly checks the status of your power, cooling, network performance and security. Any change of their operating mode triggering a needed response will proactively alert our operators. Proactive monitoring ensures that we have 100% visibility to prevent downtime.
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Security & Compliance

Some data centers have had to be retrofitted in order to keep pace with today’s rigorous security and privacy regulations. Not GIGA. From the outset, we designed and built our data centers for compliance under the ISO27001 governance structure, so that if we are compliant, so are you — for today and into the future.
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Economic Sustainability

Sustainability matters to everyone, not only for our environment but because higher efficiency equals lower costs. Our data centers are design to be the most efficient on the planet, and turnkey facilities we have developed for Federal agencies and enterprises have been recognized for their high efficiency. Put our technology to use for your needs, and feel good about minimizing your carbon footprint as you reduce your TCO.

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