The GIGA Revolution Has Begun

21st Century Technology Deserves 21st Century Solutions

Traditional data centers are rooted in the decades-old tradition of raised floors, overprovisioned cooling and power systems that actually aren’t so efficient. They simply can’t change fast enough to keep up with the rapid pace of computing evolution.
But we have.

GIGA’s data centers are built on innovative modular technology that shatters the old high-cost, slow-to-add-capacity, limited flexibility model of traditional providers.

We reinvented the data center because we believe cutting-edge technology should not be the exclusive domain of Hyperscale IT companies. Everyone should have access to the greater efficiency, flexibility, and reduced cost that modular can deliver.

Why Choose GIGA?

GIGA isn’t just another data center company. We’re dramatically different. Here’s why:

  • OCP-Ready. GIGA’s NC facility is the first North American data center to achieve the prestigious OCP-Ready status. The Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation certifies that our facility meets all site requirements for a colocation service provider to be able serve OCP customers and their hardware which typically require greater flexibility in power to support higher rack-power densities that need to be delivered, efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • High Efficiency. Our modular design provides hot & cold aisle containment, isolating the hot aisle extraction from the forced cold air entering the server inlets. Using air-side economization as well, our standard Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) efficiency is guaranteed not to exceed 1.15. That means for every dollar of electricity used by your IT, only 15¢ is needed to run the data center.
  • No Limits Power. The WindChill™ enclosure can support power densities from 2kW up to 50kW in a standard rack cabinet. Considering hyper-converged systems, or HPC systems such as Nutanix clusters or blade servers and high-density storage? Go ahead and load the rack completely, we can power it and keep it cool. We can easily support the power requirements of your future needs, no matter how much they grow.
  • Secure and Compliant. Our modular approach provides greater security protection for your equipment and cloud environment, as everyone gets a private suite! Card swipes and biometric controls are required to access the building, data center floors, and enclosures. Even an individual rack can be isolated securely within an enclosure for the ultimate in security.
  • Speedy Scalability. GIGA can deploy solutions faster than a traditional data center provider. Utilizing standard components in our unique modular design streamlines maintenance and speeds new enclosures to support expanding demand. We can get new enclosures powered up to support additional capacity in as little as 2 weeks, or 90-120 days to add incremental megawatts of capacity.
  • Unmatched Bandwidth. Designed for up to 400Gbps, our private, redundant fiber network provides the interconnection fabric within our data center locations, offering scalable bandwidth capable of moving multiple Terabytes quickly and allowing practically instantaneous backup within our data centers and improved disaster recovery in using one of our geographically diverse locations.

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