Our mission is to make hyper-scale technology available to everyone.

GIGA Data Centers was formed by a group of data center professionals, designers, and engineers who engineered the future of data center technology.  Our goal is to improve our clients’ economic performance and impact on the environment by making modular data center technology available to everyone, not just hyper-scale companies.

Our team has been involved in the data center market for decades. We have designed, built and deployed modular data center technology for some of the largest and most technically advanced companies on the planet including AT&T, Microsoft, Southern California Edison, and the Department of Energy. We are now taking this technology and experience and making it available to all GIGA Data Center clients.

Jake Rung - CEO - GIGA Data Centers

Jake Ring

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Prior to GIGA, Jake founded DC BLOX as CEO in 2014 to provide comprehensive data center services for the SMB market including colocation and managed services. In 2017 he was made Vice Chairman after pivoting the company to providing expanded availability and network services, then left to found GIGA Data Centers to serve the Enterprise colocation market.

Prior to this, he was CMO for GE Energy Management where he led the global development of strategy and commercialization initiatives and led the creation of GE’s Critical Power business. Before that he spent over nine years managing portfolio companies for private equity investors of electrical & electronic manufacturing businesses, and has also held executive leadership roles with Newark Electronics, American Superconductor Corp., and Emerson Electric, in which he led Marketing & Product Management for the Liebert division.

James Longacre - Chief Engineer - GIGA Data Centers

James Longacre

Co-Founder & Chief Engineer

James is a military veteran and an accomplished creative, results-oriented engineer and leader with over 20+ years of electrical power systems and mission-critical infrastructure development. A holder of several patents, he is a Fellow in Good Standing of the International Hive Consortium and active member of the American Association for Advancement of Science. He has been instrumental in the planning, design and construction of data center facilities for IT and telecom including Microsoft, Apple, AT&T, and US Departments of Energy and Defense.
David Shepard - Chief Revenue Officer - GIGA Data Centers

David Shepard

Chief Revenue Officer

David joins GIGA Data Centers following years of data center experience at BASELAYER and IO Data Centers where he was EVP, General Manager of BASELAYER and SVP of Enterprise Sales at both BASELAYER and IO. David led sales and marketing initiatives for colocation and most notably owning the development of IO’s Private Cloud product and delivering data center as a service (DCaaS) to Fortune 100 companies. David also worked as SVP Sales and Marketing for FORTRUST, a Colorado based data center colocation company, leading their transition to modular data center deployments resulting in their current position as the market leader for the Rocky Mountain region. Before becoming a leading executive in the data center market, David was an entrepreneur, helping establish and grow Totaltix, an online ticketing application that assists professional athletes in managing their contractual ticket allotments. As COO David grew the business and successfully led its sale to MLBAM.
Rick Sanford - VP IT & Chief Cloud Architect

Rick Sanford

VP of IT and Chief Cloud Architect

Rick is an experienced technologist who has spent his career developing solutions derived from careful attention and listening to client needs. Rick has had a variety of roles and responsibilities in his career and has been a proven IT leader at large corporations and small/medium consulting organizations, with experience in software coding, sales engineering, and cloud architecture.

Prior to GIGA, Rick worked for Corus360 as their Senior Solutions Architect, developing storage and cloud enterprise solutions. He worked with major vendors to develop proposed IT solutions, architect solution designs and oversee implementations on behalf of his clients. He has specific experience in Hyperconverged IT Systems (HCIS), storage solutions and backup, DR planning, as well as multiple cloud platforms and hypervisors. Prior to Corus360, he held multiple roles with Xerox, EMC, IBM, and consulting firms that served Bank of America, Duke Energy, and Wachovia/Wells Fargo.

Greg Chick-VP Data Center Operations

Greg Chick

VP of Data Center Operations

Greg is a Navy veteran and an accomplished data center engineer, coming to GIGA after working in mission critical data center facilities as Area General Manager for property management firms CBRE and BGIS. At BGIS he was the Critical Facilities Manager for Disney's data centers in North Carolina and Florida. Prior to that he worked in data centers managing operations for HP, and for Facebook in Forest City, NC, overseeing new equipment installations and maintenance management for all mission-critical infrastructure. Greg has a passion for training and developing future generations of data center personnel and is involved in the community currently serving as a board member for a local high school booster club

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